Environmental Protection

HB Meditech is responsible for the environment it works in and the resources optimised to produce output. As an emerging global company, the organisation is determined to environmental protection and sustainable resource management implementing their corporate social responsibility so the resources are not diminished at the expense of future generations. Resource efficiency is a prioritised process consistently implemented in diverse areas amongst the institution. Various strategies are adopted here at HB Meditech to sustain the environment we live in.

  • Energy efficient optimisation in the construction and expansion of company premises
  • Diminishing and recycling waste heat from various manufacturing processes
  • Prevention of CO2 emissions to monitor green consumption and output
  • Promoting multi-use products to increase awareness of sustainability
  • Use of high standard raw materials to conserve resources and achieve durable product life cycles
  • Reduce wastage to eradicate pollution to conserve and stimulate green production methods
  • We monitor water and energy consumption to conserve and use resources efficiently.

HB Meditech remains fully committed to this aim, as we believe in preserving resources for future generations. We treat resources with care and act responsibly.